Negative space

Negative  space in WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHY NYC is the area surrounding the subject of the image. At the same time, negative space does not have to be empty at all: it can be a sky with clouds, a brick wall, a wooden floor. Yes, whatever! This space may be completely invisible, like a white snowdrift or fog, but it plays a crucial role in the composition.

How to use negative space?

To isolate the subject of the frame and draw the viewer’s attention to it. Negative space leaves room for the imagination: What is this person thinking? Where is this boat going? How did this flower grow here?
To create certain emotions or moods. Typically, negative space creates a sense of calm, order, and silence. However, using bright background colors can evoke feelings of energy and cheerfulness. Warm hues tend to evoke feelings of warmth, admiration, danger, romance, passion, and malice. Cold ones make us feel cool, calm and sad.
To simplify the composition and work in the style of minimalism. Creating negative space through choice of angle, aperture, depth of field, and use of lighting can help simplify composition. This technique is very often used in advertising and product photography to focus on the product.
To sell photos through photobanks. Photo stock photo buyers use your masterpieces as raw material for their advertising banners, covers and websites. Therefore, one of the main selection criteria when buying is the presence of empty space for text in the photo.

Just remember that negative space should also be in moderation: not too little, but not too much. About twice as much as positive. Or so 🙂