Crisis Symptoms

How many photos (not pictures, but photos printed in an album, that is) did you take last year? And the year before? And this month? And how many of them are those that it is not shameful to show others? Look at them. If everyone is brilliant, stop reading this article – it’s not for you.

Do you look at them as something that you would do better now? Is there even a solution? So go and shoot – this article is also not for you, you have passed the next stage.

The first sign of a crisis is that you don’t even want to look at your pictures, they make you sick because you are “shooting one garbage”.
A bad mood all day long, with rare exceptions, even your favorite TV programs and funny jokes are not liked – all these are also signs of a loss of interest in creativity.
There is no desire to start something, and I don’t want to waste time on continuing what I started, but requiring significant independent efforts (this can sometimes even extend to a routine) … also a symptom characteristic of a creative crisis. Become as if inert and slow down a lot at times.
Difficultly formed ideas, unwillingness to meet with acquaintances, general weakness and fatigue. Even poor appetite and the disappearance of other vital desires are typical of such periods of stagnation.
In general, if you look at the symptoms, the first thing that comes to mind is depression. And although the creative crisis is close to her, interest in life still does not completely disappear – you still go to work, communicate with your family, you just lose the opportunity to see something in it. In general, live as usual, but insipidly.