Composition in photography

If you have mastered how to technically competently photograph with a SLR camera, then you need to master the composition of the photo. In addition to the technical setup of the camera, you also need to compose the frame so that it looks attractive such as

The composition of a photograph, as I wrote above, is the composition of the frame, or rather, what, where and how is located in the frame. There are many different rules for composing a frame, I will not expand on the topic here, I plan to write a separate article about this.

In this article, I will only write about the most important rule of photography composition – the rule of thirds. You need to mentally divide the frame into three equal parts from bottom to top, and also into three equal parts from left to right, you get 9 equal parts.

When photographing, you should try to make sure that the main subjects you are focusing on are on these lines as close as possible to the intersection of these lines. Landscape photos look better when the horizon is on one of these lines.

When photographing architecture, one should try to ensure that the boundaries of the photographed objects also coincide with these lines or are close to them. But there are exceptions, and in some cases this rule must be broken.

For example, when photographing facial portraits, you need the face to fill most of the frame, and here the rule of symmetry is respected, not the rule of thirds. In photography, sometimes many different diagonal lines look beautiful, especially beautiful if they intersect at one of the points of the rule of thirds lines.

In the photo below, I broke the rule of thirds, but here the idea was different, I wanted to make a symmetrical mirror image of a beautiful sky from the water in the river, and it turned out beautifully.

In fact, I believe that there are no right or wrong compositions in photography, and all are right. If you like a photo, then it has the right composition. The exposure may be incorrect only when the frame is overexposed or underexposed, and this can be seen by eye.