Negative space

Negative  space in WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHY NYC is the area surrounding the subject of the image. At the same time, negative space does not have to be empty at all: it can be a sky with clouds, a brick wall, a wooden floor. Yes, whatever! This space may be completely invisible, like a white snowdrift or […]

Composition in photography

If you have mastered how to technically competently photograph with a SLR camera, then you need to master the composition of the photo. In addition to the technical setup of the camera, you also need to compose the frame so that it looks attractive such as The composition of a photograph, as I wrote […]

Side light

Choosing the right and profitable type of lighting is not easy in itself. So, in addition to the general points on this issue, there is also a different position of the light sources, which, of course, affects the image If we mentally draw a circle, in the center of which there will be an […]

Reflections on film and photography

What attracts the photographer and the viewer in general in a film frame as a static picture? What makes it possible to clearly distinguish a film frame from ordinary photographs? Maybe What helps turn a photograph into a cinematic frame? For a person who is not involved in cinema, but who is able to […]

Tell me about the viewfinder

A viewfinder for elopement videography is a definition for a device designed to aim at an object, it is located above the screen (if there is a screen, of course) and it happens: optical, when you look at an image formed by a lens or a special window, approximately in the form in which it […]

How to beat the crisis

You think that now, finally, after a very long introduction, a concise conclusion will follow in the style of an idiotic superficial instruction “20 ways to overcome a creative block” – this will not happen, since we started to dig deep. It is impossible to treat the symptoms – only doctors do that, but we, […]

Crisis Symptoms

How many photos (not pictures, but photos printed in an album, that is) did you take last year? And the year before? And this month? And how many of them are those that it is not shameful to show others? Look at them. If everyone is brilliant, stop reading this article – it’s not for […]

Stress and enthusiastic photographers

It turns out that by taking pictures, we create beauty (if the hands are set correctly, of course), and through it we already receive an influx of positive, which neutralizes the flow of negativity. Try to think about the actions of photographers (amateur photographers, to be exact), because what are we doing? First of all, […]

Photography and stress

Have you ever wondered why so many people take pictures, edit, draw, share pictures? No, it is easy to understand why far from the majority of amateur photographers become photographers – it is much more difficult to get to the bottom of the reasons for such a mass interest in the fine arts. In principle, […]